Advanced Molecular GraPhene-Metal-Ceramic for your car


The phenomenon of no-wear was discovered by a team of scientists under the management of prof. D.N. Garkunov in the times of the Iron Curtain. For this discovery the scientists received a “Diploma for discovery no 378” from Soviet authorities, while prof. Garkunov was awarded a Gold Medal of British Institute of Mechanical and Engineering in 2005.

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The concept of delivering specific molecules to the lubrication system comes from a number of observations and experiments, which began as early as in the fifties in the last century. Positive results of research conducted by D.N. Garkunov’s and I.V. Kragelsky’s teams aroused much interest of scientific circles, and provoked work on anti-friction technologies.

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In 1989 Panther Ltd (now Panther Oil) in cooperation with a team led by prof. George P. Shpenkov - member of the American Society of Tribology, developed, patented and implemented the technology of production of molecular activators which trigger off the phenomenon of selective matter transport, called GP1. This was a basis of anti-wear preparations for mechanisms greased with oils and lubricants, and for working fluids, as well as molecular catalysts of liquid fuels.

Then a very interesting modification of the technology was made, which was a result of combining the metallic activators which were previously used with ceramic or diamond nano-particles, known as GP52 - KinematicGP52. This modification is an extremely effective form of non-invasive operation and the improvement of the parameters of mechanisms greased with oil.

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