Advanced Molecular GraPhene-Metal-Ceramic for your car

What is KinematicGP?

NSF (New Smearing Film) products after application become a component (composite) of oils or fuels and put into practice the idea of smearing with “liquid metal and ceramics”, they initiate and support selective matter transport, which in practice results in a no-wear operation of mechanisms.

As a result the life of combustion engines, transmissions and other systems smeared with oils and grease is prolonged several times. KINEMATICGP Nano-Preparation significantly reduces the friction coefficient in mechanisms, and unlike other preparations of this kind it can restore the original geometry of surfaces in friction pairs through metal-ceramization. GP molecules, which get in the places of hydrogen ions, block the hydrogen wear of metals. When they are introduced to engine fuels, they become a catalyst for combustion, causing a number of positive phenomena, from the lower consumption of fuel, through increased engine dynamics, lowered size and number of particulates in exhaust gases, to a significant reduction of the toxicity of exhaust gases and regeneration of the fuel system.

KINEMATICGP nanotechnology is materials engineering at a molecular level, is derived from military technologies and is the first example of the use of friction in a positive way in the world, where the reconstruction and not – as it used to be – the destruction of mating frictional surfaces takes place in mechanisms. The way the surfaces regenerate imitates the processes which take place in living organisms.

KINEMATICGP preparations don't have side effects, do not come into chemical reactions with oil, which is just their carrier, conform to EU norm requirements, don't contain Teflon, silicon or molybdenum compounds.

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