Advanced Molecular GraPhene-Metal-Ceramic for your car

About KinematicGP?


Kinematicgp creates a protective coating thus reducing the friction coefficient in mechanisms and moving parts in your engine, gear box and fuel system. It is ten times lower friction coefficient, seven times higher in micro-hardness and is corrosion resistant. It restores the original geometry in friction pairs and blocks the hydrogen wear of metals. It regenerates the fuel system and therefore improves the performance of the engine and gearbox. It increases engine dynamics, reduces toxicity and the number of particulates in exhaust gases.


Easy to use – just add to the fuel tank before refuelling.

It refines fuel and facilitates the start-up of a cold engine, moderating its action and liquidating the carbon deposit. It prolongs the life of injectors and turbo-compressors, and protects the injection system. It lowers the temperature of exhaust gases and significantly reduces their toxicity. Used with KinematicGP52, fuel consumption is reduced up to 17.5%.


Easy to use - just warm the engine, gearbox, axles or reducer and press out the content to the filler hole.

Kinematic GP52 Long Life is a molecular metal-ceramic regenerator. It restores the lost value of mechanisms to their optimum position thus improving performance and extending durability. It combines the technology of greasing with metallic nano-particles with the processes of reconstruction and ceramic hardening of friction layers in oiled mechanisms.

The effect of its use is a self-reproducing and self-regulating metal-ceramic layer with a very low friction co-efficient and very high resistance on the surface of friction pairs of combustion engines, transmissions, or hydraulic systems. It initiates and uses the phenomenon of "selective matter transfer" in the process of regeneration of micro-defects which result from the movement of mechanisms, especially from difficult conditions.

Its particles, together with the rest product (steel pulp), are drawn to places with the biggest difference of electrostatic potentials where particles have been torn out of metal surfaces due to friction. The diffusion of particles into the metal surface creates a friction pair and results in a stronger metal crystal lattice structure and a permanent inseparable protective layer with unusual parameters.


Easy to use - after warming up the appropriate mechanism, just pour the content of the syringe to the oil filler hole.

KinematicGP52 Eco is a molecular metal-ceramic regenerator. It is a variation of KinematicGP52 Long Life and is intended for new mechanisms with low mileage, in order to protect them against wear or symptoms of wear (steering pump, transmissions, engines and gearboxes).

KinematicGP52 Eco just like KinematicGP52 Long Life, contains both ceramic nanomolecules and molecules of non-ferrous metals "GP". The main objective of the active factors in the preparation is to induce the phenomenon of selective matter transport in an oiled mechanism in order to make a regenerating metal-ceramic layer which increases the parameters of the mechanism in friction pairs. This layer has a very low friction coefficient and a very high durability which exceeds the molecular micro-durability of constructional steel.

What is KINEMATICGP composite and how does it work?

It is a stabilized colloid of molecules of metals and minerals, covered by patent protection, which after the introduction to any lubricant or liquid fuel and under the influence of friction forces in a working mechanisms acquires “magnetic” properties and triggers off the following processes:

1. Selective matter transport in practice is a process of constant self-regeneration of the original geometry and the improvement of parameters of metal working surfaces of friction pairs which results in “no-wear” of operated mechanisms.

2. Refines the surface, improves the structure of the crystal lattice of external layers of working surfaces of “metal” friction pairs, which in practice means the increase of their hardness, at the same time lowering the friction coefficient.

3. Slows down the oxidation of lubricant, which results in the increase of mileage between changes, as far as operation is concerned.

4. Catalyses the combustion of liquid fuels, which in practice results in lower fuel consumption and cleaner exhaust fumes.

In these processes lubricants act as carriers of KINEMATICGP composite, and “suppliers” of electric charges.

Electric charges are generated by lubricants which, being dielectric, demonstrate such a property when they are put between moving metal wearing surfaces. Under their influence the molecules in KINEMATICGP composite create ion suspension able to intercept the particles of iron and other metals, torn out of metal wearing surfaces in the conditions of boundary friction, and then to transport them in a selective way to the most worn places. Such “self-regenerated” surface with thickness from several to several hundred atomic layers has the lowest known friction coefficient.

The wear of co-acting parts decreases and the newly created layers rebuild and seal the friction pair. KINEMATICGP composite has also another unique property – the ability to block the “hydrogen wear of of metal". Hydrogen ions are “blocked” by molecules of the composite mainly siliceous-magnesium minerals contained in it. These molecules are pulled to wearing surfaces and instead of hydrogen they penetrate the structure of metal. Working surfaces of mating metal parts are covered with a several times harder refining metal-ceramic layer structurally connected with the base.

Another property of KINEMATICGP composite is the increase of the effectiveness of lubrication. The molecules of the composite pulled to wearing surfaces carry the molecules of lubricating materials, which carefully and durably cover the working surfaces of mechanisms.

What benefits are provided by the service of the car in the non-invasive technology of KINEMATICGP ?

The performance of service during normal use of a car without stoppage and disassembly of mechanisms is the first important benefit for a user.
Another benefit is simple and quick service which allows to save money during the operation of the car. The non-invasive technology of KinematicGP guarantees total protection and regeneration of the original geometry of metal working wearing surfaces, with simultaneous refinement (improvement of functional parameters). Surfaces refined in this way in comparison with factory mass-production show: Ten times lower friction coefficient. Seven times higher microhardness. High corrosion resistance.
Any service with KinematicGP52 Long Life & Eco ensures two-year no-wear operation until reaching the following mileage:
Engines - 44,000 miles
Gearboxes, axles, reducers etc. - 65,000 miles
Fuel (feed) systems - 5,000 miles – (we use KinematicGP2 for fuels)
It even enables driving despite the lack of oil after an emergency leak at a distance of up to: Engines - 200 miles. Gearboxes, axles, reducers etc. - 500 miles
Preventive service with KinematicGP increases the durability and reliability of mechanisms, even in the conditions of extreme loads, extends the period of failure-free use of the car, improves its performance and other operating parameters. In this way it is a source of benefits which significantly decrease the operational expenses.

A user who decides to replace a traditional repair of worn mechanisms with the service with the non-invasive KinematicGP technology can also expect ten times lower expenses.

The simplicity of service and its effects, together with minimum costs, make the non- invasive technology of KinematicGP recognized by professionals who prepare cars for a great exploit – motor sports. It has been applied by them since 2002 season.

Engines – we use KINEMATICGP52 Long Life & Eco

Guarantees two-year “no-wear" operation until reaching the mileage of 44,000 miles

-Enables driving despite the lack of oil (after an emergency leak) at a distance of up to 200 miles.
-Increases power, moment, efficiency and dynamics.
-Increases and equalizes compression pressure.
-Prevents the sticking (blocking) of piston rings.
-Increases the pressure and efficiency of the lubrication system.
-Lowers the temperature of the engine by several degrees (improves internal cooling).
-Facilitates the start-up, especially of a cold engine, eliminates “dry” starts, decreases its wear.
-Decreases the smoking and emission of toxic components of exhaust fumes.

Gearboxes, axles, reducers etc. – we use KINEMATICGP52 Long Life & Eco

Guarantees two-year “no-wear" operation until reaching the mileage of 65,000 miles

-Enables driving despite the lack of oil (after an emergency leak) at a distance of up to 500 miles.
-Facilitates and accelerates gear change.
-Improves the “coasting” of the car (the dynamics and distance of rolling after putting the gear-change lever in neutral).
-Lowers the working temperature.
-Prevents self-jamming.
-Protects against pitting and eliminates its effects.

Fuel (feed) systems – we use KINEMATICGP2

Guarantees “no-wear" operation until reaching the mileage of 5,000 miles

-Doubles the life of the entire systems of any kind.
-Protects and cleans the entire systems.
-Protects against the consequences of using lower quality fuels.
-Increases engine power, at the same time lowers fuel consumption.
-Increases the efficiency of the combustion process (catalyses).
-Ensures proper and smooth engine running.
-Prevents carbon deposit and buildup, and removes the existing one from the combustion chamber, as well as from valve heads and injector cups.
-Supports the unblocking of piston rings and injections.
-Doesn't affect the working and durability of catalysts.

Non-invasive KinematicGP technology in the service of old vintage cars

Benefits resulting from non-invasive KinematicGP technology are always a sum of:
-General benefits which can be obtained regardless of the type of mechanism subject to service.
-Particular benefits closely related to the type of mechanism subject to service.
A General benefits:

-Guarantees "two-year no-wear" operation until reaching the mileage of 65,000 miles, depending on the type of mechanism subject to service.
-Increases the durability and reliability of mechanisms, even five times, in the conditions of extreme loads.
-Enables driving despite the lack of oil (after an emergency leak) at a distance of up to 200 miles, depending on the type of mechanism subject to service.
-In most cases replaces repairs in a traditional system, which reduces the costs of regeneration of mechanisms even ten times.
-Quietens motor operation, reduces noise and vibrations.
-Reduces oil consumption, at the same time extends the mileage between changes by 50%.
-Reduces oil consumption even by 17.5 %, depending on the scope of service.
-Protects mechanisms against corrosion and aggressive substances which can result from used fuels and oils.
-Is environmentally friendly.

Purpose of non-invasive KinematicGP technology

The principles of service of the non-invasive KinematicGP technology provided in this manual are intended only for used cars, which show the symptoms of wear of mechanisms operated according to the standards specified by the producer, and in average traffic conditions, whose:
Mileage does not exceed 300 000 miles depending on the type and category of vehicle
Mechanisms are characterised by oil capacity in the working space up to:

-30 L for engines
-30 L for gearboxes, axles, reducers etc.
-30 L for fuel (feed) systems fed with minimum amount of oil in the system
- detailed values – given in tables.

In all other cases, especially before the service of a car operated in special conditions, prepared for use in extremely difficult conditions, and equipped with mechanisms with other volumes of oil, the most beneficial form of service is ensured by consultations.

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