Advanced Molecular GraPhene-Metal-Ceramic for your car

Difficult Conditions

What do “difficult driving conditions” exactly mean?

Most vehicle users would answer that they mean dynamic driving in high gear and with high speed. But what about driving in a city, where drivers frequently and repeatedly stop and start their vehicles? Driving with a cold engine, covering short distances, being stuck in a traffic jam result in a much faster wear of parts than in different driving conditions.

Why is it so important for the engine to be clean?

When a car is used, pollution and harmful deposit can appear in any type of engine. If the pollution is not removed, it can block oil pipes and damage the engine. KINEMATICGP52 prevents the building up of deposit in the engine for the entire period of its operation. This significantly affects the performance of the engine and prolongs its operational use. Thanks to the purifying properties the drive is quieter and smoother.

The main function of KINEMATICGP52 is protection of the engine against mechanical wear and tear resulting from friction. An engine is a machine consisting of hundreds of mobile parts which need protection, because in the moment of overload and breakdown of a so-called protective oil film there is a contact between metal surfaces, as a result the friction and wear of metal parts intensifies. Together with friction heat appears, and heat leads to even bigger wear of elements, and disturbs the working of mobile parts. KINEMATICGP52 in the engine covers all metal mobile parts which are subject to friction with a thin metal-ceramic layer, allowing them to move smoothly over one another, thus reducing their wear.

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